Nice Things People Say

I’ve started a new section of this site where people can read – or share – their experience with my work. I receive amazing emails every day from people who’ve commissioned, gifted or been gifted with paintings. Like this one. Now, there’s one place for all of these great stories to live. I hope you’ll take a look, and more importantly, I hope you’ll want to share your story too.

I discovered Rachael’s portraits on the Pioneer Woman’s website a few years ago. Never thought I would be able to commission one, but a few months ago, my sister-in-law had to put her beloved cat Moesley to sleep because of his medical conditions. She felt immensely sad, so did I. A couple of months prior to that, I had lost my cat when we moved and she had been the one to comfort me when I was so sad. Luckily, we found my cat. When I heard that she had to put her’s down, I wanted to do something special for her and for Moe. So our family, (parents, two brothers, and us) pulled together to commission the portrait. It turned out so beautiful and my sister-in-law loves it. It is a very special gift. Thank you Rachael… for sharing your talent for everyone to enjoy.

~Christy Stephensen, American Fork, UT


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