Your Weekly Dose of Ron Weasley

My studio cat Ron Weasley usually spends his days lounging in his bed/nest/cave perched atop a table in my art room. A couple of days ago though, I found him lounging in my daughter’s room like he owned the place.  He’s a photogenic little bugger, isn’t he? Maybe “Sundays with Ron” will become a regular […]

Why I’m Mad at Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley is infuriating. Here’s why: He sleeps on the kitchen table. He sleeps on my desk. He sleeps on my paintings. He sleeps on clean towels. His hair is all over the floor. His hair is all over my paint brushes. His hair is all over my clothes. His hair is all over everything. […]

Sunday With Ron, 08.07.2011

Ron Weasley has a little lair under a bush in the back yard. The lawn is starting to dry out a bit and Ron’s straw-colored fur blends right in. He’s got lairs, nests, and burrows all over the place so sometimes you don’t even see him until he swats at you.

Sunday With Ron 6.19.2011

Okay, you got me. This isn’t Ron Weasley at all. This is my parents’ cat Red and he is a dead ringer for our own Ron (with the exception of his larger size and darker fur and snugglier behavior.) My kids are at grandma’s house for a couple of weeks and thank goodness they don’t […]


I really appreciate a dog’s ability to remain completely still except for their eyebrows. I imagine that’s what this guy is doing. Keeping an eye on things, but trying to look nonchalant. Ron Weasley used to sleep in my studio, afoot and asnooze while I painted. Lately, he’s been having some behavioral issues that have […]