Cookie and Wrigley

Back to Business

Yesterday marked two weeks (at least) since I last picked up a paintbrush. It’s been so long I was starting to wonder if I’d forgotten how.


I have never taken more than a week off work (except when I was sick) and my theory is that one needs at least three weeks to full disengage from the office and settle into a new routine. I am convinced that the kids bicker less when I’m home more often, I snack less, I get more sleep and I don’t get headaches.

Coincidence? I think not.

Artistic License

One unique thing about my little art business is that I rarely meet my clients. Like, never. So often the only link I have between the person and their finished painting is the photo that they send me to work from. I always ask people to send their favorite photos because obviously, if it’s a […]

Victim of My Own Success

When I was trying to think of clever ways to promote my Dia de Los Muertos project, I tweeted: “help me become a victim of my own success.” They say be careful what you wish for. One hundred seventeen backers translates to over 100 pre-sold paintings, a new group of clients and endless opportunity. It’s […]