I have never taken more than a week off work (except when I was sick) and my theory is that one needs at least three weeks to full disengage from the office and settle into a new routine. I am convinced that the kids bicker less when I’m home more often, I snack less, I get more sleep and I don’t get headaches.

Coincidence? I think not.

Artistic License

One unique thing about my little art business is that I rarely meet my clients. Like, never. So often the only link I have between the person and their finished painting is the photo that they send me to work from. I always ask people to send their favorite photos because obviously, if it’s a […]

Victim of My Own Success

When I was trying to think of clever ways to promote my Dia de Los Muertos project, I tweeted: “help me become a victim of my own success.” They say be careful what you wish for. One hundred seventeen backers translates to over 100 pre-sold paintings, a new group of clients and endless opportunity. It’s […]

Day of The Bloggess

I am kind of in a Dia de los Muertos phase right now. Or is it still? I don’t know. I just love the imagery – it’s both dark and beautiful. I’ve discoverd that many people are freaked out by the skulls and face-painting traditions. But you know, my dad went to Catholic school and […]

Always Something New and Exciting

 Just two more paintings to go before my 2012 Calendar goes into design! Hurray! The week away from my office job really helped. I’m on the home stretch. I can feel it. I would like to point out that even though my calendar is completely funded, there are still a couple of spots left! There […]