Day of The Bloggess

I am kind of in a Dia de los Muertos phase right now. Or is it still? I don’t know. I just love the imagery – it’s both dark and beautiful. I’ve discoverd that many people are freaked out by the skulls and face-painting traditions. But you know, my dad went to Catholic school and […]

Always Something New and Exciting

 Just two more paintings to go before my 2012 Calendar goes into design! Hurray! The week away from my office job really helped. I’m on the home stretch. I can feel it. I would like to point out that even though my calendar is completely funded, there are still a couple of spots left! There […]

The heat! My god, the heat!

When I was on vacation last week…(wait, I was on VACATION last week? Where has the time gone?) …I spent a great deal of time consuming caffeinated beverages and painting. I finished 13 paintings in fact. Mainly because in my studio, in front of the fan was the only place I could tolerate the insane […]

Day in The City, Part 2: The Rest of the Museum

I love museums. I love how quiet they are. I love that everything is hung perfectly straight, and well-lit. I  love that you can sit in front of a painting for a long time without explaining yourself. I love that you and your sketch pad can  be endlessly inspired by old and new favorites. While […]


One of the most frequent questions clients ask me is “What kind of photos should I send you?” My answer is always the same. Send your favorites. I mean, there’s a reason you like that photo, right? Maybe it is the expression, or the location, or memory of a special day when the photo was […]