The heat! My god, the heat!

When I was on vacation last week…(wait, I was on VACATION last week? Where has the time gone?) …I spent a great deal of time consuming caffeinated beverages and painting. I finished 13 paintings in fact. Mainly because in my studio, in front of the fan was the only place I could tolerate the insane […]

Day in The City, Part 2: The Rest of the Museum

I love museums. I love how quiet they are. I love that everything is hung perfectly straight, and well-lit. I  love that you can sit in front of a painting for a long time without explaining yourself. I love that you and your sketch pad can  be endlessly inspired by old and new favorites. While […]


One of the most frequent questions clients ask me is “What kind of photos should I send you?” My answer is always the same. Send your favorites. I mean, there’s a reason you like that photo, right? Maybe it is the expression, or the location, or memory of a special day when the photo was […]

The Name Game

One day in 2000 (according to, though I could’ve sworn it was earlier) I was watching an episode of Law & Order: SVU with guest star Tracy Pollan (who I’ve been told on more than one occasion is my celebrity doppelganger.) Tracy was playing a crime victim named Harper Anderson and I don’t know […]

Yankee Dapple Dandy

I’ve done it! I’ve finished the painting I will enter in the Washington International Horse Show poster contest. I’m kind of excited about it. Yankee Dapple Dandy Thanks to everyone who voted for the two photos when I couldn’t decide. I have to admit that even though Photo #2 received 73% of the vote (it […]