We name all our animals with human names (currently: Ron and Francis) so of course I dig Ree Drummond’s dog, Walter. Our family also has a long tradition of taking those human-pet names and contorting them into ridiculous versions of themselves. For example, Francis is Frank, Frankenstein, Frank N Beans, Frankly My Dear I Don’t […]


Approval Process

Every now and then I come across a photo online and I just have to paint it. Mostly, they’re from blogs I follow, either because I’m drawn to the the story or the aesthetic. After I’ve painted it and got it out of my system, I usually send the subject their painting, gratis. I mean, […]

World Traveler

Anyone who reads The Pioneer Woman knows my fondness for painting bassets. Is it their droopy ears? Is it their droopy eyes? Is it their droopy skin? Is it because they manage to look sad no matter their actual mood? This little chap lives in sunny Singapore so I don’t think he has anything to be […]