I was home with a sick kid today. It’s different being home with a sick kid than it is when they’re not sick. When they’re sick with a fever, they’re quiet, and calm, and sometimes even less demanding. They want to snuggle. All. Day. Problem is, even when I stay home to “snuggle” there’s always […]

Happy Old Year

This post has a soundtrack. You’re welcome. Oh. My. Goodness. What a year. I mean, WHAT. A. YEAR! I don’t even know where to begin. Two Thousand Ten was a hella crazy year for the Rossmans, including, but not limited to employment calamities, uncertainty, angst and drama. But instead of weeping over my Dickensian tale […]

Home For The Holidays

 Today my kids convinced me to start decorating for Christmas and I gave in because I like the smell of cinnamon and my defenses are down after eating too much pie.  I love decorating for Christmas. What I don’t like: rummaging around the attic for the decorations, looking at the empty boxes afterward, and all the vaccuuming. […]

The Thanksgiving Story

This post really needs no introduction, except to say this is a Thanksgiving essay my son wrote when he was six and emailed to all of his family members. It’s awesome. The Thanksgiving Story Over four hundred years ago… There were a group of people that were called Pilgrams. Their king wouldn’t let them worship […]

Halloween, Part 2

Okay, so today was Real Halloween, meaning we got to dress in the costumes we wanted, not the mamby-pamby restrictive versions. Masks, face paint, knives, unibrows – we’ve got it all. Now, where are all those trick-or-treaters? Happy Halloween, everyone!