Home For The Holidays

 Today my kids convinced me to start decorating for Christmas and I gave in because I like the smell of cinnamon and my defenses are down after eating too much pie.  I love decorating for Christmas. What I don’t like: rummaging around the attic for the decorations, looking at the empty boxes afterward, and all the vaccuuming. […]

The Thanksgiving Story

This post really needs no introduction, except to say this is a Thanksgiving essay my son wrote when he was six and emailed to all of his family members. It’s awesome. The Thanksgiving Story Over four hundred years ago… There were a group of people that were called Pilgrams. Their king wouldn’t let them worship […]

Halloween, Part 2

Okay, so today was Real Halloween, meaning we got to dress in the costumes we wanted, not the mamby-pamby restrictive versions. Masks, face paint, knives, unibrows – we’ve got it all. Now, where are all those trick-or-treaters? Happy Halloween, everyone!

Halloween, Part 1

I’m a little behind the eight ball this year with regard to Halloween. I mean, we took that vacation earlier this month so I didn’t have time (read: energy) to decorate the house like I usually do. Plus, my husband put our upright freezer right underneath the door to the attic, so I can’t go […]

Down on the Farm

We live in the city. Not like a really big city or anything, but a neighborhood, where the kids are walking distance from school and I could ride my bike to the store if I wanted to. (I don’t.) As a kid, I grew up in the country, ten miles out of our small town. […]