My kids fight all day. All. Day. Every. Day. They are eight and six and they fight. I remember doing this with my sister (Hi Amy! I’m going to delete your comments on this subject as soon as you post them!) and we were two years apart too. I thought it would be different with a boy […]

In the Moment

Sometimes I’m not the most present person. I have a job, and kids, and housework and another job. There are phone messages and emails, bills and business. Too often I find myself saying, “In a minute.” or “Maybe next time.” Sometimes I forget how to slow down. No, STOP. And listen. Or sit in the […]

A Sense of Occasion

Why yes, we do wear tutus to make art in this house. Doesn’t everyone?


This painting has been rattling around in my head for months. Months. Before Evelyn Evelyn released an album. Before I went to the concert in May. I knew exactly what I wanted to paint – an image as haunting as the album and its concept. My daughter and her big brown eyes would be a […]

Change of Scenery

Back in the good old days – say, April – my studio cat Ron Weasley kept me busy on a daily basis with his paint-water-drinking-watercolor-footprint-making shenanigans. He was content to loll around my studio, snuggling up under himself and leaving a wake of ginger-colored hair across every horizontal surface. Lately though, Ron has changed it […]