I often post progress photos on Instagram and Facebook, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Sometimes it’s fun to see how the paintings progress from blank sheet to finished product.    

Back By Popular Demand

Actually, I was cleaning out a drawer over Spring Break and found a whole cache of Yupo scraps….so 4×5″ mini portraits are back while supplies last – just $40 plus shipping. Email me at [rachael at rachaelrossman dot com] if you’re interested. They’re sellin’ like hot cakes. Mmm. Cake.

This is the end, beautiful friend

Being a glass half-empty kinda gal, I always look back at vacation days and focus on what I didn’t do – like install the Photoshop software that’s  been sitting on my desk in the shrink wrap for two weeks, or call the tile installer for an estimate. Be that as it may, I did manage […]

O Boston

There’s a reason I stick to the same color palettes for my portrait backgrounds. While I could probably make it work with any requested color, there are some combinations that I keep going back to. For example, I like to paint black and white dogs (like these Boston Terriers) with a blue background, or yellow. […]

Good Reads

Sooner or later, the blogs I read every day are going to receive fan art from me. It’s just how I roll. Here’s who’s on my must-read list these days. The Pioneer Woman The Bloggess Sundry Mourning Girls Gone Child Kevin and Amanda Nie Nie Dialogues Yes, there are others, but these are the ones […]