All the paintings are done.  They’re organized on a thumb drive. I’m deciding on a printer. Tomorrow I meet with the designer to start work on my calendar. Hurray! Estimated delivery of calendars is Nov/Dec before Christmas. (If you have a painting in the calendar, I’ll be sending it at the same time unless you’ve […]

Chillin’ Like a Coupla Villains

I just finished the last painting for my calendar. It was a good note to end on, too. Meet Oolka and Romeo. This painting is unique in that I actually know these dogs. Most of my clients are via the internet and I never even meet them, but these two are my neighbors. I’ve actually seen […]

Two more for the calendar, yo

My kids having been cracking me up recently with their sayings. My son has started saying, “fuhgettaboutit” and my daughter has adopted a British accent. I just keep painting.


Always Something New and Exciting

 Just two more paintings to go before my 2012 Calendar goes into design! Hurray! The week away from my office job really helped. I’m on the home stretch. I can feel it. I would like to point out that even though my calendar is completely funded, there are still a couple of spots left! There […]