Calendar Update

When I decided to do an art calendar last spring, I knew I’d have to fit it in to my work, home, and painting schedules. I knew I’d have to be disciplined. I knew I’d have real deadlines (like, um, 2012.) So when I say that I’m right on schedule, I’d also like to point out that […]

Meanwhile, back at Hogwarts…

Summertime for the Rossmans is jam-packed. The kids spend a lot of time with both sets of grandparents, as well as their cousins from Arizona who spend a few weeks in temperate Oregon every July. Meanwhile, Dr. Rossman and I go about our work weeks, visit the kids at their grandparents’ on the weekends and […]


Rocco’s owner describes him thus: Rocco is the kind of cat that draws blood from guests and my kids run screaming from the room when he saunters in. I have to lock him in a bedroom when the kids’ babysitter comes over. I can relate. I once had a cat named Wolfgang who was so […]

Eight Days A Week

Remember my Kickstarter project? The one where you all crowd-funded a 2012 calendar of my paintings? Yeah, that one! Well, as of June I’ve launched into painting the portraits that will make up the calendar. Fittingly, I started off with the cover girl, Niki. Isn’t she a beauty? I sort of obsessed over whether I was […]