This painting is part of a trilogy. I’ll post them all together when they’re done, but I think this first one turned out pretty cute. I’m a sucker for tabbies. Completed: September 2, 2010 Soundtrack:  Dixie Chicks Beverage: Diet Coke


Oh my gosh, I am so excited about some upcoming paintings. Some are commissioned paintings and some are ones that I’m just doing for myself…just painting them because they are swirling around in my head and I need to get them OUT and on to the paper so I can move on. They’re like a […]

In the Moment

Sometimes I’m not the most present person. I have a job, and kids, and housework and another job. There are phone messages and emails, bills and business. Too often I find myself saying, “In a minute.” or “Maybe next time.” Sometimes I forget how to slow down. No, STOP. And listen. Or sit in the […]


I painted a hairless cat. My first one. Technically, he’s a charcoal grey Peterbald; his name is Esau, and I think he’s quite grand. He belongs to actor Mayim Bialik, whom I met at the MTV Movie Awards Gift Suite in June. You’ve seen her in everything from Blossom to Beaches, but I must say my […]


I am a bundle of nerves. I have been for days. I drop things. I snap at people. My kids are back to calling me Mad Mom, and only half jokingly. Someone spilled an entire bottle of glue on the wood floor and let it dry. There was a glob of jelly on the carpet. […]