Close Call

This weekend I was away visiting the kids, and my husband was doing a triathlon in Washington which meant that for 36 hours our cats were without people. Here’s how it usually goes: Steve gets really ticked off and spends a few hours upon our return scolding us and acting all superior; Birch stays indoors […]


Completed: July 3, 2010 Soundtrack: Lady Gaga Beverage: Diet Coke

A Little Help From My Friends

When I received the invitation to go to L.A. last month, I was panicked, flattered, then panicked again. There were many, many details to be figured out, not the least of which was how I was going to pay my way on such short notice. Fortunately, several clients came forward to order new art. They […]

Change of Scenery

Back in the good old days – say, April – my studio cat Ron Weasley kept me busy on a daily basis with his paint-water-drinking-watercolor-footprint-making shenanigans. He was content to loll around my studio, snuggling up under himself and leaving a wake of ginger-colored hair across every horizontal surface. Lately though, Ron has changed it […]

Weekend Update

This weekend, the kids and I were rained out of Little League and were trapped in the house between epic gully washers. If you don’t know what a gully washer is, you’re not from the Pacific Northwest. In short, it was a good weekend for painting, but also for cabin fever. And laundry.  Completed: May […]