Let’s call this 41-46/100, shall we?

My daughter’s room is still decked out like the nursery I designed 10 years ago, with a top coat of Monster High dolls and Disney princesses. Knowing my track record, I probably won’t get around to doing this for another ten years, so when she said she wanted “Parisian Cats” (is that a thing? I asked) I knew I could go straight to Steinlen, and put together a room that she can grow up with. And I could do it on the cheap. (With apologies to Steinlen.)




Creative People

This little art job of mine introduces me to wonderfully interesting experiences and creative people. One of those creatives is Kelly Williams Brown, who I first met when she was a journalist for The Statesman Journal. She wrote a full page Sunday profile about me in 2011, and we’ve kept in contact the way people do […]