Deck The Walls

Revealed! All the paintings I’ve been working on for Christmas, including babies, a dog in a frog suit and my very first tortoise.

Nice Things People Say

I receive amazing emails every day from people who’ve commissioned, gifted or been gifted with paintings. Now, there’s one place for all of these great stories to live.

I painted The Bloggess with a cat on her head.

I have this little tradition of launching a new Kickstarter project with fan art, so here is Jenny The Bloggess with a cat on her head.

Three Lives Down

“Please paint my cat as a zombie,” is not the strangest request I’ve ever received. See also: “Paint my chihuahua with a tiara.” “Paint my guinea pig next to an eight ball.” “Paint my cat with a top hat and monocle.” But in the case of Jonas the cat, painting him as a zombie is […]

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

So, contrary to what the lack of activity on my blog might indicate…I’ve actually been quite busy lately. Quite. Also there’s been the small matter of my 2012 Calendar to finish up. It’s printing right now! As we speak! You can pre-order here. They’re available in limited quantities, and they make excellent stocking stuffers if […]