I’ve been painting people topless. Wait, that didn’t sound right. It’s the portraits that end up topless, not me. Oh god, I’ve said too much. Let’s just say that I’ve taken some artistic license here and there. Leaving out straps and shirts gives me the opportunity to include more skeleton which is always a good thing.


I’m not sure I could recreate this background color/texture if I tried.


Roses are represented in a lot of modern Day of the Dead art like tattoos and face-painting (I like them too!) but marigolds are the traditional flower and orange is such a great color to work with, I’ve been using it a lot.


I seem to have a knack for good timing.


When I look at a client’s photo, right away I know three things – how I’m going to crop it, what color the background will be, and what the most compelling feature is.