Victim of My Own Success

When I was trying to think of clever ways to promote my Dia de Los Muertos project, I tweeted: “help me become a victim of my own success.” They say be careful what you wish for. One hundred seventeen backers translates to over 100 pre-sold paintings, a new group of clients and endless opportunity. It’s […]

The Next Guy Fawkes Mask?

Remember, remember The 1st of November… That’s as far as I got, honestly. But I’m predicting: phenomenon. You still have 8 days left to get your Jenny The Bloggess Dia de los Muertos Cut Out Mask by checking out my Kickstarter project. They’re just a buck. I really just want people to browse around Kickstarter […]

It might go a little something like this…

You asked. I listened. And Ron Weasley was kind enough to be my first um, muse, for a Dia de los Muertos pet portrait. Only 9 more days to order your Dia de los Muertos portraits – of man or beast – through my Kickstarter project. (Link on sidebar.) Become a patron of the arts […]

A Skull A Day

A skull every three days, rather. That’s about the pace I will have to keep to finish my Dia de los Muertos series in a year. So far, I have 64 backers but some have ordered multiple paintings. And yes, it was inevitable. Someone asked if I would paint Dia de los Muertos pet portraits. […]

And then this happened: