Two By Two


What’s coming up next is really exciting and a little bit crazy. It’s big and shiny and I’ll need the support of lots of amazing people like you to make it happen

Candle, Both Ends

I really, really, really need more hours in my day. I work 8 hours at my day job, then ferry kids around, then the grocery store, then dinner, then it’s 9 p.m. and I realize I haven’t done laundry in three days, then I vacuum up cat hair, then I put the kids to bed, […]


half·way   [haf-wey, hahf-] adverb 1. to half the distance; to midpoint: The rope reaches only halfway. 2. almost; nearly; just about: He halfway surrendered to their demands. adjective 3. midway, as between two places or points. The artist was halfway finished with her Dia de Los Muertos portrait series. 4. going to or covering only half or part of the full extent: halfway measures.

Hi! Monkey!

I’ve painted chihuahuas with tiaras, zombie cats and even guinea pigs next to billiard balls. But this is definitely my first terrycloth monkey. And Day of the Dead, to boot. You can find out more about Monkey over at My favorites are the cooking bits. Did you know you can make a grilled cheese […]