A Little Bit Rock n’ Roll

I decided to paint this client with his sunglasses on. Why? Because I thought it gave the composition a little attitude. And because ever since Matt Biondi in those Ray-Ban commercials I have been a big fan of the Aviator. I guess I’m a sucker for advertising.


Social media can be such a delightful rabbit hole.

Most Unique

I’ve painted portraits from some really bad photos: cell phone pictures, poor lighting, too many filters applied, blurry. But I make do. So when a client sends me several really good photos, all good for unique but equal reasons, I often have a really hard time choosing. This client  sent three great pictures, but ultimately, […]

Audience Participation

This was a fun one. My young client specifically requested that her eyes be painted purple and gold and I’m like, Well, I’ll try anything once. So I did. And I love how it turned out.