Two Schnauzers Are Better Than One

These were the first paintings to be finished since my return from vacation. In between laundry, homework and the other glamorous details of homekeeping and unpacking, I worked on these two paintings side by side. Not bad for having one eye tied behind my back. Completed: October 20, 2010 Soundtrack: Rent Soundtrack Beverage: Two Buck […]


Black dogs are difficult to photograph and even more difficult to paint. But I like how this one turned out. Pearl Completed: September 10, 2010 Soundtrack: Jane’s Addiction, Kettle Whistle Beverage: Wine Cube

Bully For You

I finished this painting awhile ago, but it was just gifted this week.


I have a six-year-old daughter, so I know a little somethin’ somethin’ about bling. Rhinestones, body glitter and sequins? Sure!  Paint a chihuahua wearing a tiara? Of course! It’s a request for which I am uniquely qualified. Harriet Completed: September 29, 2010   Soundtrack: Duffy, Rockferry   Beverage: Coke Zero

Poodles and Werewolves

A few weeks ago I painted a portrait for Booboo Stewart, who I met at the MTV Movie Awards gift suite back in June. He was there with his whole family, including three sisters, his parents and their puppy Elvis.  And here’s Elvis.