Crunch Time

This weekend I have set a goal of completing five small paintings and two larger ones. I know I can do it, especially since I have been known to complete 11 paintings in a weekend before. I just need to get organized. Things are really humming around here. Christmas orders are coming in, and I’m planning […]

The Paint’s Still Wet…

 …but you get the idea. Here’s Mugsy. Completed: September 19, 2010 Soundtrack: The Dresden Dolls Beverage: Diet Rite

Vampire Weekend

There’s this movie, Twilight. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Maybe you’ve camped out for three days to get tickets to a premiere? Maybe you’re a 32-year-old mom who wears a Team So-And-So shirt to the gym? (Amy, I’m talking to you.) When I was in L.A. this summer for the MTV Movie Awards celebrity gift […]


I am down to 15 paintings on my To Do List, which is amazing. But Christmas is coming up, and there will be a crunch for last-minute orders and I’ll probably increase my caffeine intake to inappropriate levels and drag myself around my studio at all hours wearing a Snuggie and fingerless gloves, show up […]

Here Come The Bridesmaids

I paint lots of portraits for gifts – anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Christmas. But I was recently commissioned to paint five paintings as bridesmaid gifts, which is a first for me. I think. Completed: August 10, 2010 Soundtrack: Various and Moody Beverage: Various and Caffeinated Portraits for bridesmaid gifts! I didn’t think of it, but I’m […]