Cookie and Wrigley

This is the end, beautiful friend

Being a glass half-empty kinda gal, I always look back at vacation days and focus on what I didn’t do – like install the Photoshop software that’s  been sitting on my desk in the shrink wrap for two weeks, or call the tile installer for an estimate. Be that as it may, I did manage […]


I was trying to combine “skull’ and “poodle.” I realize it’s a bit of a stretch. Oh, never mind.

School Spirit

I recently had a couple ask me to paint their dog’s portrait with a blue and gold background – school colors for University of Michigan. And I did.

California Dreamin’

In 2010 I went to L.A. to be part of the MTV Movie Award Celebrity Gift Lounge, and that trip really kicked my California Dreamin’ into overdrive. I’ve been dreaming about Hollywood, palm trees and Spanish-style houses ever since.