Nice Things People Said This Week

People are usually very excited to see their portraits and also say lots of nice things in the “I love it!” or “It made me cry” category. Every now and then though, someone says something that strikes me as particularly poignant, or funny or otherwise wonderful. Is happened a few times just this weekend. And […]

The Coast is Clear

Happy belated Valentine’s Day to everyone who received art this holiday (or for recent birthdays!) I think it’s safe to post these now.

Artist, Interrupted

I have been sick for the past week. Suddenly, haltingly, feverishly sick. I’ve done nothing more than sit perfectly motionless watching Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs and Arrested Development on Netflix. And drinking gingerale. Lots and lots of gingerale. I’m a bit better now, but not quite up to painting. I’ll be posting some portraits I […]


Here are some more paintings that had their Big Reveal on Christmas morning.

Out of the Bag

Did you get art for Christmas? Some people did. Me? I got the usual bottle of fancy wine and a stocking full of goodies from Bath & Body Works. Oh, and a speedlight so people don’t look like red-eyed demons in my photos anymore. Here are some paintings that were gifted this season.