What I’ve Been Up To Lately

So, contrary to what the lack of activity on my blog might indicate…I’ve actually been quite busy lately. Quite. Also there’s been the small matter of my 2012 Calendar to finish up. It’s printing right now! As we speak! You can pre-order here. They’re available in limited quantities, and they make excellent stocking stuffers if […]


Look at these cute guys with their portraits! I love to see how people frame their paintings. This is a set of minis.

O Boston

There’s a reason I stick to the same color palettes for my portrait backgrounds. While I could probably make it work with any requested color, there are some combinations that I keep going back to. For example, I like to paint black and white dogs (like these Boston Terriers) with a blue background, or yellow. […]

It’s a funny thing…

It’s a funny thing…one day painting Day of the Dead portraits and the next, cuddly pups.