I paint on Yupo paper, exclusively. The most convenient way for me to buy it – and store it – is in pads of 11×14″ sheets. So, for each sheet I can get (1) 8×10″, (1) 5×7″ and a little scrap of 4×5″ paper. Up until now, all those 4×5″ scraps have gone into a […]


At different times of the year (spring and right before Christmas) I can hardly open my email without a flood of orders and inquiries. But the summertime makes me antsy. Hardly anyone orders art in the summertime because they’re off doing summertime things, which do not generally include web browsing (the sun glare on the […]


The Name Game

One day in 2000 (according to, though I could’ve sworn it was earlier) I was watching an episode of Law & Order: SVU with guest star Tracy Pollan (who I’ve been told on more than one occasion is my celebrity doppelganger.) Tracy was playing a crime victim named Harper Anderson and I don’t know […]

World Traveler

Anyone who reads The Pioneer Woman knows my fondness for painting bassets. Is it their droopy ears? Is it their droopy eyes? Is it their droopy skin? Is it because they manage to look sad no matter their actual mood? This little chap lives in sunny Singapore so I don’t think he has anything to be […]