Father’s Day Gift Guide: Art.

So maybe you don’t think your guy is the artsy type, but consider all the things that he does, or loves, that would make great, sentimental art subjects. I bet you could make him cry. Now taking orders for Father’s Day art gift certificates!

The Big Reveal

Today the kids and I surprised my husband with a trip to the ballpark. There was breakfast, a batting cage and ultimately, playing catch down on the field. It was a good morning. I can’t believe the kids kept it a surprise. And elsewhere, I know at least a couple dads were gifted with my paintings […]

The Big Brag

In some service club organizations, they have a part of the meeting called Brag For A Buck where you can stand up and, for a dollar, brag about someone in your organization or family for one minute. Today I want to announce a Father’s Day contest (keep reading!) but on a related note, I also want […]