The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Last week, Ree sent me an advance copy of her new cookbook, Food From My Frontier. She must’ve heard my husband’s plaintive cries for more substantial winter meals and red meat. My family, they tire of soup and grilled cheese.

Day In The City, Part 3: Eats

Part of the fun of going to a new place (or visiting a place you don’t get to much) is exploring the food scene. When you’re with kids, this can be dicey. My son will eat anything from hot peppers to salmon roe. My daughter, however, would exist solely on bread and bread products if […]

MEAT Here.

The mister and I don’t get out much. The combination of work, gym, homework management, hobbies, children, cooking and housework kinda takes the wind out of our sails come Friday night if you know what I’m sayin’. But last weekend, we kicked off my spring break with dinner out in the big city. I threw […]