Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Once upon a time, I did a giveaway on Kathleen’s Sugar and Spice. We had bonded over our mutual friendship with The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, our love of food and wine, and I had painted her adorable beagle Daphney. Months later, and a dry spell in the pet portrait business has been fortuitous for the […]

Chillin’ Like a Coupla Villains

I just finished the last painting for my calendar. It was a good note to end on, too. Meet Oolka and Romeo. This painting is unique in that I actually know these dogs. Most of my clients are via the internet and I never even meet them, but these two are my neighbors. I’ve actually seen […]

Eight Days A Week

Remember my Kickstarter project? The one where you all crowd-funded a 2012 calendar of my paintings? Yeah, that one! Well, as of June I’ve launched into painting the portraits that will make up the calendar. Fittingly, I started off with the cover girl, Niki. Isn’t she a beauty? I sort of obsessed over whether I was […]