News In The Valley

Several months ago, local writer Emily Grosvenor visited me at my studio (okay, okay, it’s just my living room) to interview me for Willamette Valley Life magazine. I picked up my copy yesterday (okay, okay, several copies) and found a lovely article on page 14. Emily has a way with words, for example, “she studied […]

Home For The Holidays

 Today my kids convinced me to start decorating for Christmas and I gave in because I like the smell of cinnamon and my defenses are down after eating too much pie.  I love decorating for Christmas. What I don’t like: rummaging around the attic for the decorations, looking at the empty boxes afterward, and all the vaccuuming. […]

In the News

To satisfy my painful need for self-documentation, I’ve added a press page to this site so I can keep track of all the news, articles and embarrassingly accurate YouTube footage. I generally post them to Facebook and Twitter as they happen, so if you’re very, very bored you can follow me there, for up-to-the-minute news. […]


According to Twitter, it’s Bastille Day. Everything I knew about this holiday was forgotten somewhere between now and 9th grade history class, so the only thing French I can contribute is this. French Bulldogs. Martha Stewart’s French Bulldogs, Sharkey and Francesca. As seen on Au revoir. 

Fit To Print

I have run across several little press tidbits lately and I’ve even had to start a Press page on this website. This MTV story has legs. Here’s an article that appeared in this week’s issue of Salem Weekly. You can read it online at, but just in case you like good old fashioned newsprint, […]