An open letter to my studio cat

Dear Ron Weasley, I think that if this relationship is going to work out, we need to establish some ground rules. Firstly, my desk must remain off limits. I am a very busy person and I don’t have time to pick cat hair out of my paintings or rework smudges that look remarkably like cat […]

Out of my head

I’m working on my first ever commissioned illustration for a magazine, and I’m pretty excited about it. It’s a gardening publication, and the article is about getting children excited about gardening, with specific instructions on building a bean pole teepee. Okay, so I’m a portrait artist. My entire artistic premise is to paint what I […]

Busy as a bee

Today was an uncharacteristically lovely day here in the Northwest. I sent my kids outside to get some Vitamin D, put some bread in the oven and got to work on a bunch of paintings. Despite discouraging looks, my daughter flitted through the studio a couple of times with the camera. I will have to get the […]

Keeping Secrets

I haven’t posted any new paintings in awhile, but it’s for good reason. Lest anyone think I’m just sitting around eating bon-bons, I must say I have been really busy. Through coincidence, many of the paintings I’ve done lately have been commissioned for gifts and I just can’t show you until they’ve been gifted. But here’s one I can show […]

A little Q&A

Since I started this blog, many people have submitted questions via the comment form, and others have suggested I do a Q&A so everyone can see the answers. So, for the literally TENS of people that read this blog…a scintillating Q&A! @Kim asks :  I’d love to know how you got started, how long have you […]