My last painting of Christmas vacay

Title: Fanciful Completed: January 3, 2010 Sountrack: Alton reading The Hobbit to the kids Beverage:  Cooper Mountain Vineyards, 20th Anniversary Reserve Pinot Noir (last night) / Diet Coke (this morning)

Recipe For a Happy New Year's Day

Despite the unfortunate events of the past 24 hours (hint: hundreds of dollars at auto mechanic and a break-in at my husband’s office) I am determined to cocoon myself in good thoughts (and chocolate if necessary) and make this a good day.   As all good days start off, I began at Dutch Bros. with my […]

New Year's Eve Eve. Eve.

The way I figure it, if you don’t make your resolutions directly on New Year’s Eve, they’re more like guidelines. Non-binding suggestions, if you will. Maybe I’m being a bit cautious (some might say chicken) but here’s my list of New Year’s Guidelines, for myself. Right out here for the world to see. Caution be […]

Starting over

I hate this painting. Hate. It is a gift for my husband (the ‘bike’ portion of a triathlon series I’m working on) but it’s just not turning out how I’d planned. So instead of getting all ticked off and pouty, as I tend to do, I’m going to view this as an opportunity. You see, […]

Like Christmas in… oh, wait.

Yesterday I came home to one of my favorite things in the world. A package! For me! I mean, who doesn’t like getting a big box of stuff in the mail? The best parts were 1) it was a box of art supplies; and 2) it was all free. Free you say? Yes, free. And […]