Sunday, Sep. 18, 3:18 p.m. PDT

That’s when my 400 in 400 project ends.  I have 73 amazing backers which equals about 100 portraits (many people ordered multiple.) There’s still time to order  your art for 2013, too. Thank you!

Last Chance

Today’s going to be a work day. I can probably knock out about four small Dia de Los Muertos paintings. I’ve got laundry going. I’m making lasagna in the Crock Pot. I’m defrosting some shredded zucchini to make bread or cookies. I’m going to help my son clean his room. I’m going to IKEA to […]


Just three more days to order your artwork for 2013 via my Kickstarter project! Have questions? I have answers.

Your Kickstarter Questions Answered

Maybe you’re wondering what this Kickstarter fuss is all about. First thing, if you’re curious, check out the Kickstarter Basics straight from the source. And here are some questions that I’m often asked about my projects specifically, which has four days to go! Why Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a crowd-funding vehicle for creative projects. It allows me […]

I painted The Bloggess with a cat on her head.

I have this little tradition of launching a new Kickstarter project with fan art, so here is Jenny The Bloggess with a cat on her head.