I’m launching a new Kickstarter soon, and it’s my most ambitious to-date. It’s just a little something to celebrate my 40th birthday in 2013. Just 400 paintings in 400 days. No biggie.


What’s coming up next is really exciting and a little bit crazy. It’s big and shiny and I’ll need the support of lots of amazing people like you to make it happen

New And Different

As the series has progressed, I’ve noticed my style changing. I sometimes skip backgrounds all together. I take liberties with hair and eye color. I use my small brushes more.

Like Mother, Like Daughter(s)

I was really on a roll this weekend. With the assistance of Dolly Parton and several caffeinated beverages, I painted seven 5×7 portraits for my Dia de Los Muertos series. I also baked cookies, made an actual meal for once, and managed not to freeze while my husband and our friend installed a new front […]

Victim of My Own Success

When I was trying to think of clever ways to promote my Dia de Los Muertos project, I tweeted: “help me become a victim of my own success.” They say be careful what you wish for. One hundred seventeen backers translates to over 100 pre-sold paintings, a new group of clients and endless opportunity. It’s […]