A Great Dane. And an Update.

This weekend I launched a Kickstarter project to make a calendar of my paintings. I’m apologizing in advance for the broken-record nature of my future postings here, but I have 45 days to get this funded. It’s day 3 and already I’m like 14% funded, so THANK YOU. Your painting can be a part of […]

Calendar Girl

I did it. I launched a project on Kickstarter! I’m planning a 2012 calendar of my portrait work and you can participate! There are lots of cool incentives like original artwork and its placement in the calendar or on the cover. I have 45 days to raise the $5000 needed to print and distribute the calendars; the […]

Some paintings, and an announcement.

First, the paintings. And next, an announcement. I’m making a calendar! This weekend I will be launching a Kickstarter project to create and produce a 2012 Portraits of Man and Beast Calendar. And you can help! Kickstarter is a crowd-sourcing mechanism to fund creative projects. Basically I’m asking a whole lot of people to chip […]