Christmas Unplugged

My kids are at that age when everything on their Christmas list has a power cord and costs at least 200 bucks. These are kids that live in a house with three tablets, two iMacs, a laptop and Kindles galore so what new gadget they could possible want/need is beyond my comprehension. It’s a tough […]

Deer Park

As my kids get older, I have started to be more nostalgic for places I loved as a kid.

Let’s call this 41-46/100, shall we?

My daughter’s room is still decked out like the nursery I designed 10 years ago, with a top coat of Monster High dolls and Disney princesses. Knowing my track record, I probably won’t get around to doing this for another ten years, so when she said she wanted “Parisian Cats” (is that a thing? I asked) I knew I could go straight to Steinlen, and put together a room that she can grow up with. And I could do it on the cheap. (With apologies to Steinlen.)


I was going to use this photo on my holiday card because it’s cute and it shows their personalities, but my sister said it was kind of pitiful so I’m posting it here instead.

Days of the Dead

My dad, who went to Catholic school, said when he was a kid they celebrated All Saints Day on Nov. 1 and everyone wore gory costumes of martyred saints for a school parade. In Mexico and parts of the U.S., on Nov. 1 and 2 they celebrate Dias de Los Muertos to honor departed loved […]