I learned a lesson today. It was the kind of lesson that you know, if you’re a parent, your kids teach you without either of you knowing it. The kind that makes you feel very, very small. God knows I’m not a model parent. I’m moody and ill-tempered. I have little patience. I swear. I […]


My boy is nine today. I am not sad that he’s growing up. I will not cry over the loss of pillowy cheeks or mourn the loss of baby teeth. He’s perfect just as he is now – right now, today and tomorrow. He’s creative, sensitive, fearless and all boy. Happy Birthday, son.

Tabbies, Waffles and The Power of the Internet

Today has been a serendipitous day. Is that the right word? Serendipitous. Just lots of things and happenings that seem interrelated – completely random yet altogether synchronistic. First, there were the waffles. Downtown Waffles is a waffle cart in  Salem that I heard about on Desperately Seeking Salem, a local blog. Or maybe I heard about […]

S**t My Kids Say

Me, while driving out to feed my aunt’s cows on her farm: Wouldn’t it be nice to live in the country? The Boy: Can I get a four wheeler? Me: No. The Boy: How about a Polaris? Me: That’s just another word for four wheeler. The Boy: How about a motorcycle? Me: Do you think I […]

It’s a Cat Week.

It seems much of my week has revolved around cats. First, Ron Weasley is losing his hair again so I had to get him dosed up on Advantage. During the summer he loses his big mane and fluffy tail but it’s growing back now…just in patches. He looks like a homeless cat, so I have […]