Last week was one of those weeks. Dr. Rossman was off running a marathon (and enjoying lovely Arizona weather, I might add), so the chore of getting the kids to school and to their various activities, fell to me. I emailed my very understanding co-workers on Sunday night warning them of my probability of tardiness. […]

Battery Life

This is a story that’s almost too embarrassing to tell. But I’m willing to open myself up to mockery and judgement in the interest of good storytelling. A few nights ago I was really wound after work. I’m an occasional insomniac, and I know a sleepless night ahead when I see one so I took […]


This is one of those weeks when I’m pretty sure I can’t do it all. I mean, I can hold it together pretty well, most of the time. But this week just might break me. If I had time, I’d probably just sit down, stare slack-jawed into the middle distance and drown my sorrows in black licorice. #1. […]


My boy is playing fall baseball which, in my opinion, is far better than spring ball because the weather is better and I can take my camera out without fear of raindrops. I’ve got this little dinky lens on my Nikon but I like to try for some good shots anyway. You ever see photos […]

Old Pro

I’m getting pretty good at this first day of school thing. This is like, my fifth year at it. It only took two adults two hours to get two children out the door. Then I had one kid who wanted to walk to school, and one who wanted to ride. But both wanted me to […]