Pioneer Kids

If you read The Pioneer Woman, you’ll probably recognize these next portraits. Like millions of other people, I read Ree’s blog every day. There’s always something that interests me on a personal level…but that’s why we choose to read the blogs we do, right? Her post last week about her kids saddling and unsaddling the […]

Sleep: Who needs it?

Spring is magical, isn’t it? The blue skies, the flowers in bloom, the…endless hours of kids’ sports? It’s May 19 and I’ve spent the last several weeks of daylight in the car or on a bleacher beside a baseball field, karate dojo or track. I’m tired. I can’t remember the last time I cooked a […]

My Demands are Simple

Today there will be no: arguing talking about poop, farts or related topics fart sounds horseplay arguing in the car new messes Today there will be: Starbucks handmade gifts clean rooms clean fingernails posing for photos without objection brunch quiet reading quiet drawing quiet anything snow


Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Or were you like me who forgot to set the alarm? I awoke last Friday morning to a severe tongue-lashing from my 7 y.o. daughter who I’d promised to wake for the big event. I remember watching Diana’s wedding when I was 8 and I thought it would be […]


I have a confession to make. Right here, right now. It may completely change everything you ever thought you knew about me. It may change the way you feel about me in the future. … I don’t have a cell phone. … How is this possible, you say! It’s 2011, you say! The fact is, […]