True Colors

I am not fun. My kids will tell you. I have never  been one to play blocks and Barbies, Hot Wheels or board games. I can’t sit still that long. I mean, I do my best but I’ve got stuff to DO. Always. However the kids and I do spend some good times in my […]

Not Weird at All

So my kids are 7 and 9 and they’ve picked up this new habit of saying, “That’s weird.” or “That guy’s weird.” or “MOM, YOU ARE WEIRD!” And I got kind of sick of it because “weird” is, in my estimation, a lazy, judge-y word. There is ALWAYS a better adjective than weird, am I […]

New Year’s Eve Eve 2010

Last year I started making my resolutions on New Year’s Eve Eve with the idea that they could then be considered suggestions rather than resolutions. Let’s see how I did. Drink more water.  NOT EVEN CLOSE. Drink less wine and coffee. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Spend less time on the computer, except blogging, Twitter, Facebook and […]


My daughter told me yesterday that she wanted to take art classes. First, I was proud. Of course she wants to learn more about art! She’s a creative kid! I’m such a good parent and role model! Yay me! Then I was upset. What, having a working artist in your own house is not enough […]

You can learn a lot about a man from his Christmas list.

My ultra-fit husband’s request at every marathon or triathalon is that I meet him at the finish line with a cigarette, a PBR pounder and a bratwurst. So it didn’t surprise me that the only thing on this Christmas wish list this year was this poster. I was also compelled to order the companion piece. To keep the […]