California Dreamin’

In 2010 I went to L.A. to be part of the MTV Movie Award Celebrity Gift Lounge, and that trip really kicked my California Dreamin’ into overdrive. I’ve been dreaming about Hollywood, palm trees and Spanish-style houses ever since.

It Really IS Who You Know

Remember last year when I went to the MTV Movie Awards celebrity gift lounge? Right. Well, it was sort of a last-minute thing, meaning, I didn’t have a a budget to you know, get there and back and feed myself and transport art and stay at a fancy L.A. hotel and everything. But I really […]

MTV Catz

Back in June I was invited to participate in the MTV Movie Awards celebrity gift suite….remember that? Well I am still finishing up a couple of orders that came through that connection, including this one today. I’m also cleaning out my studio. And my closets. Send caffeine. Completed: January 7, 2011 Soundtrack: The Sound of […]

Poodles and Werewolves

A few weeks ago I painted a portrait for Booboo Stewart, who I met at the MTV Movie Awards gift suite back in June. He was there with his whole family, including three sisters, his parents and their puppy Elvis.  And here’s Elvis.

Vampire Weekend

There’s this movie, Twilight. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Maybe you’ve camped out for three days to get tickets to a premiere? Maybe you’re a 32-year-old mom who wears a Team So-And-So shirt to the gym? (Amy, I’m talking to you.) When I was in L.A. this summer for the MTV Movie Awards celebrity gift […]