In the News

To satisfy my painful need for self-documentation, I’ve added a press page to this site so I can keep track of all the news, articles and embarrassingly accurate YouTube footage. I generally post them to Facebook and Twitter as they happen, so if you’re very, very bored you can follow me there, for up-to-the-minute news. […]


I painted a hairless cat. My first one. Technically, he’s a charcoal grey Peterbald; his name is Esau, and I think he’s quite grand. He belongs to actor Mayim Bialik, whom I met at the MTV Movie Awards Gift Suite in June. You’ve seen her in everything from Blossom to Beaches, but I must say my […]

Fit To Print

I have run across several little press tidbits lately and I’ve even had to start a Press page on this website. This MTV story has legs. Here’s an article that appeared in this week’s issue of Salem Weekly. You can read it online at, but just in case you like good old fashioned newsprint, […]

A Little Help From My Friends

When I received the invitation to go to L.A. last month, I was panicked, flattered, then panicked again. There were many, many details to be figured out, not the least of which was how I was going to pay my way on such short notice. Fortunately, several clients came forward to order new art. They […]


Remember that little MTV thing I went to? Well, when I was there I met many great people, and a few who have subsequently asked me to paint portraits for them. The first of these celebrity portraits is for actress/musician Renee Olstead. You might recognize Renee from the TV Series Still Standing, the movie 13 […]