Windy City

We just returned from a little trip to Chicago, and I’m still mooning over it. What a great city. First of all, it was kind of our gift to each other for our 20th ANNIVERSARY which we celebrated this month. Obviously, I was a child bride because there’s no freaking way I’m old enough to […]


Let me begin by saying I didn’t cry. And I was pretty sure I would. I mean, I am the person who gets choked up at all manner of awards ceremonies, announcements, thank-you speeches, pageants, sports events, commercials…so I was fully expecting to be a bit messy at the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit. […]

I took a week off from my day job.

I painted. I drank a lot of coffee. I watched Ron Weasley sleep. I took Ron Weasley to the vet. I painted some more. I made quiche. I went to the movies. I went junking. I was perpetually paint-stained. It rained. I used my Crock-pots, two at a time. I put my painting on a […]

Last Best Place

It’s really amazing, isn’t it, when two people so completely different have the same favorite place? Ours is Timberline Lodge and we stayed there for our anniversary a few weeks ago. We arrived in the afternoon so there was time for picture-taking (me) and bird-watching (him). Though temps were still warm in the valley, On […]

A Walk in the Woods

I always mountain lions lounging up in the trees, kind of leaning on one arm like they’re cruising, nodding their heads and listening to gangster rap. I imagine they would size up our little party of two and think, “The male is all hair and sinew, but the female, she’s slow and has some good meat on her.”