When I’m not painting, I’m either at my real job, or busy being a mom-chauffeur-housekeeper-cook. My kids don’t differentiate weekdays and weekends, rather – school days, mommy days and family days. Always working, always busy, always, always, always. Saturday was a rare day when we were all at home, all day. We decided to use the annual pass […]

If I could

Sometimes, I can’t believe I’m 30-szmmfrpha years old. According to my calculations, that means my life could be nearly half over…depending on if I take after the long-living Coburns on my mom’s side, or the Wehrlies and their poor vasculature on my dad’s side. So here I am, 36. Two kids. A day job that […]

Art in the Family

Kids making art = quiet house. There are many things I hope to successfully teach my kids. Be kind to others, eat your vegetables, read much. Listen carefully, make eye contact, have a firm handshake. Right now, it seems, we’re in the tedious “don’t hit” and “don’t yell” stage; but during those rare little sunbreaks […]

This has nothing to do with painting, really.

Me. The monsters. A photo booth. For many months (many long, long months) of the year, Oregon is a damp, gray place. I’ve lived here all my life, so I can say that. During the spring though, sometimes we get these lovely, clear and cold days in the middle of February or March. People get […]

It’s here!

If you’re reading this, it means you found my new, wonderful, completely awesome website designed by Nikki at Design Coyote. I’m still figuring things out, uploading photos to the gallery and refining copy. So if you seen any placeholder text tonight, please be patient – it will probably be replaced by morning. Which reminds me…I […]