Bluebird skies

Oregon is, for the most part, decidedly gray. But we have been experiencing the most beautiful, clear, crisp weather for the past four or five days. Just gorgeous. But cold. Which is okay with me; we used to live in Montana and I swear I can handle 20 below as long as the sun is […]


It’s been a busy week! Hot on the heels of The Pioneer Woman post, are these two nice mentions around the interwebs.

Profiles in Furrage

We have three cats in our household – my self-imposed limit. Sometimes I feel that I spend 60% of my time managing kids and 40% managing cats. They are equal parts muse and menace. Steve is the matriarch. We found her on my husband’s college campus almost 15 years ago and she has been giving me the Stink Eye […]

Welcome, Pioneer Woman Readers!

  First, my apologies to anyone who tried to view my portfolio site this morning. It’s broke! While I can’t confirm, I can only suspect that it was a result of all the Pioneer Women visiting. What a wonderful “problem” to have! In the meantime, feel free to browse around this blog and read all […]


Yesterday, for about five seconds, so fast you’d miss it if you blinked, I was on the Rachael Ray Show. It came about after I sent a proposal into the show after the success of Julia & Julia (my new favorite movie), suggesting that someone (me) could cook through a Rachael Ray cookbook for a […]