12 Hours

In 12 hours, I will be back at work. In 12 hours, I will be sitting at a computer, but not on Facebook or Twitter. In 12 hours, my cell phone will be on vibrate, not set to play the Mad Men theme song. In 12 hours, I will be on the clock. In 12 […]


Every summer our friends have a house concert and over the years we’ve heard the likes of Rachel Harrington, Zak Borden and Amanda Richards from the comfort of our lawn blanket. It’s an excuse for me to dust off the vintage picnic basket, stuff it with cheese, charcuterie and red wine (The Hemingway Meal, I […]

38 Candles

Yesterday was my birthday. I don’t remember being this angsty about birthdays in the past, but this one resulted in a lot of quiet reflection. It’s not about getting older, really, just trying to figure out where I thought I’d be when I was 38, where I actually am, and where I’d rather be. You […]

Your Weekly Dose of Ron Weasley

My studio cat Ron Weasley usually spends his days lounging in his bed/nest/cave perched atop a table in my art room. A couple of days ago though, I found him lounging in my daughter’s room like he owned the place.  He’s a photogenic little bugger, isn’t he? Maybe “Sundays with Ron” will become a regular […]


Last night, as I was driving my tax return to the post office (at 10:30 p.m.) I drove around for an extra 30 minutes trying to find a good place from which to photograph the full moon. Two mornings last week, I turned off the route to work and drove farther out into the country, […]