Sometimes I feel like my whole life is a cycle of acquiring possessions and subsequently purging possessions. Know what I mean? Maybe it’s the seasons…in the winter, you pad your nest and in the spring you clean out closets. One of my favorite things to do is go to estate sales, garage sales and warehouses. I call […]

A Hairy Situation

As you may know, my studio cat Ron Weasley is often the bane of my existence. He is well known for climbing around where he shouldn’t be (my desk) and getting his nose into places he oughtn’t (my paint water.) Every time I walk away from my desk I have to go through a ritual […]

God Bless the Internet

I am sitting here at a Saturday market, peddling my wares. I’m bored. There’s not much traffic, and even less interest in art when people are here to buy produce and crochet. Markets are not my usual modus operandi. They require time away from my studio and my kids, and my paints. I have to be […]

Why I’m Mad at Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley is infuriating. Here’s why: He sleeps on the kitchen table. He sleeps on my desk. He sleeps on my paintings. He sleeps on clean towels. His hair is all over the floor. His hair is all over my paint brushes. His hair is all over my clothes. His hair is all over everything. […]


I have this little, um, issue sometimes with my vision. It only happens when I’m stressed (usually tired or too much driving.) Anyway, it’s really painful for about a day and then my vision is a little blurry in one eye for a week or so. Usually nothing to worry about and there are drops […]