One of the most frequent questions clients ask me is “What kind of photos should I send you?” My answer is always the same. Send your favorites. I mean, there’s a reason you like that photo, right? Maybe it is the expression, or the location, or memory of a special day when the photo was […]

The Name Game

One day in 2000 (according to, though I could’ve sworn it was earlier) I was watching an episode of Law & Order: SVU with guest star Tracy Pollan (who I’ve been told on more than one occasion is my celebrity doppelganger.) Tracy was playing a crime victim named Harper Anderson and I don’t know […]

Eight Days A Week

Remember my Kickstarter project? The one where you all crowd-funded a 2012 calendar of my paintings? Yeah, that one! Well, as of June I’ve launched into painting the portraits that will make up the calendar. Fittingly, I started off with the cover girl, Niki. Isn’t she a beauty? I sort of obsessed over whether I was […]