Sunday With Ron 6.19.2011

Okay, you got me. This isn’t Ron Weasley at all. This is my parents’ cat Red and he is a dead ringer for our own Ron (with the exception of his larger size and darker fur and snugglier behavior.) My kids are at grandma’s house for a couple of weeks and thank goodness they don’t […]

Your Weekly Dose of Ron Weasley

My studio cat Ron Weasley usually spends his days lounging in his bed/nest/cave perched atop a table in my art room. A couple of days ago though, I found him lounging in my daughter’s room like he owned the place.  He’s a photogenic little bugger, isn’t he? Maybe “Sundays with Ron” will become a regular […]


I have been saving and saving and saving and finally, last week I bought my first real-live, grown-up camera. I’ll admit, it sat in the box for a few days as I tried to create the perfect moment for unpacking it. I envisioned leisurely hours of reading the manuals and watching the DVDs; arranging and […]