Heavy Equipment

A client asked me to paint a piece of mining equipment that her father invented. It’s a gift for her dad and when she asked me to do it I played right along like I knew what a dragline even was. It seems like something that only people in the industry would know about but […]


I’m a collector. When I was a kid, I collected rocks, feathers, shells and stamps, among other things. As an adult I collect nutcrackers and handbags. And Disney pins. Do you know about Disney pins? If you do, then you know they’re addicting. If you don’t, then please don’t click on that link because I […]

I’m on a boat!

Okay, I’m not on a boat. But I painted one. This one. And I wish I was on it, in the sun, drinking a beer. And I don’t even like beer. Completed: May 2, 2010 Soundtrack: Taylor Swift, Fearless Beverage: Coke Zero