Facing Future

I’m really excited about how my art business is growing in different directions (and at an alarming rate!) I’ve talked before about how I was once scared to death to paint faces (of the non-animal variety) and now my portraits (of the human variety) are increasingly popular with my clients. Who knew? I’m glad I […]

Life’s a beach

I loved this photo that a client sent me of her two children at the beach. I was excited to paint it from the moment it showed up in my email box and I was not disappointed by the process. The photos I receive from clients are all over the board as far as quality, […]


I got my first pony in third grade. His name was Sonny and he used to scrape me off on trees when I was riding him. Then there was Babe, the palomino, who was really my mom’s horse but a little bigger than Sonny so I graduated to riding her in 4-H. In 8th grade […]


I started this painting last week but life got in the way. The job. The kids. The laundry. I went back to finish it on Friday but it was gone. I leave all my painting taped to a drawing board until it’s signed and sealed, but this one was missing. The tape was still there, […]

Tiny Critic

My niece is diminutive. Miniature. Slight. And feisty. So I wasn’t too surprised when I heard her response to this portrait I just finished. My sister held the phone up so I could hear her squeals of delight when the image popped up in email. But she didn’t squeal. In fact, she hated it. You […]