Just Givin’ it Away

If you’re a mom, like me, you know that we often get the short end of the proverbial stick. We are the last ones to sit down to dinner, the last ones in bed at night. The first to answer when someone has a nightmare, the first to be used as a human snot rag. […]


So, this is kind of exciting.  For the first time ever, two of my paintings were used in a magazine. I guess that kind of makes me an illustrator. The magazine is Al’s Bloom, the publication for a local chain of garden centers. The marketing director approached me a few months ago (it’s all who you […]

Facing Future

I’m really excited about how my art business is growing in different directions (and at an alarming rate!) I’ve talked before about how I was once scared to death to paint faces (of the non-animal variety) and now my portraits (of the human variety) are increasingly popular with my clients. Who knew? I’m glad I […]

Life’s a beach

I loved this photo that a client sent me of her two children at the beach. I was excited to paint it from the moment it showed up in my email box and I was not disappointed by the process. The photos I receive from clients are all over the board as far as quality, […]


I got my first pony in third grade. His name was Sonny and he used to scrape me off on trees when I was riding him. Then there was Babe, the palomino, who was really my mom’s horse but a little bigger than Sonny so I graduated to riding her in 4-H. In 8th grade […]