I started this painting last week but life got in the way. The job. The kids. The laundry. I went back to finish it on Friday but it was gone. I leave all my painting taped to a drawing board until it’s signed and sealed, but this one was missing. The tape was still there, […]

Tiny Critic

My niece is diminutive. Miniature. Slight. And feisty. So I wasn’t too surprised when I heard her response to this portrait I just finished. My sister held the phone up so I could hear her squeals of delight when the image popped up in email. But she didn’t squeal. In fact, she hated it. You […]


Since I painted my sister’s portrait, I am following up with this one of my nephew for his birthday. I mean, what nine-year-old would want his auntie to buy him remote control car when he could have a hand-painted watercolor portrait instead of himself? Well, this kid might. He and my son are close in […]

I thought I couldn't. So I did.

Every artist is plagued with nagging doubts or ideas about what they’re good at or not good at. Sometimes the doubt is planted by others (a 2nd grade classmate who can’t tell your hand-drawn sheep from a giraffe, let’s say); and sometimes the suggestions are put there by our own self-doubting selves. My problem? Faces. […]

My sister's keeper

Title: Amy Completed: January 17, 2010 Soundtrack: The Pretenders, Isle of View Beverage:  Dutch Bros. Mocha